David Schwedel, SMB Investor will lead Uniesse luxury motor yacht company

Posted by: David Schwedel

Uniesse 56’ S, coming 2019

David Schwedel recently led the acquisition of Uniesse Marine S.P.A. of Italy. Miami-based Uniesse Marine Group LLC brings the renowned luxury yacht line to Southeast Florida’s $11.5 billion recreational boating industry. 

Joining Schwedel at the helm of Uniesse Marine Group LLC is Rafael Barca, who first introduced Uniesse yachts to the U.S. in 1994 and will serve as the company’s president. The Italian luxury motor yacht manufacturer is known for its semi-custom yachts ranging from 49 to 115 feet. Over the past 25 years, Uniesse has sold more than 500 yachts around the world. 

Uniesse Marine Group LLC plans to completely redesign the entire line of yachts and present brand new models in conjunction with the 2019 boat show season. Along with Uniesse’s new ownership, the company unveils a consolidated manufacturing process, streamlined operations, enhanced technology to improve the owner/operator experience, and a fresh focus on customer service.