Encina’s growth continues, despite COVID-19 and weak oil prices

Posted by: David Schwedel

Encina Development Group LLC continues to chart its future course with the development of a new commercial-scale plant. The Houston-based company, which refines waste plastic into chemicals and gasoline blendstock, was founded six years ago, and is vetting sites for a Q4 2020 groundbreaking. While the world struggles to understand the effects of both the coronavirus and current oil market, Encina CEO David Schwedel is confident for what the future holds. Initially, Encina planned to refine coal for its chemical production, but shifted to embrace a plastics-based operation—a change that set back the groundbreaking timeline for its first plant, but ultimately reduced the facility’s build time by six months. This latest commercial project is part of Encina’s long-term plan for global growth, working to mitigate the world’s plastic waste crisis and create more environmentally friendly.